photo shoot

Majority of my weekend looked like this:

But there were also fun dinners with friends, a few movies, and… some picture taking.

Yes, I modeled the new fall line for Mayfly.  Bah.  I despise the whole process, and maybe shed a tear or two in frustration at my own awkwardness.  Nate would coach me with:

“you look a little sad.”  “okay, now you look confused.” (that’s because I am)

“try and relax a little- just let your arm hang naturally.” (I thought it was!)

But Nate was patient, the photo shoot eventually wrapped up, and images were posted.  Next time… Hillary, you better book your flight out here to model for me or that open invitation for spring break will be revoked.

We fell into a bit of a funk by Sunday.  Partly because of the impending new quarter of classes.  Partly from acknowledging the reality of school loans.  And partly because of a looming goodbye as Nate leaves on an adventure soon (without me)…


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