Jon, Danielle, and Irene

Somehow Nate and I were unaware of the impact hurricane Irene would have on Jon and Danielle’s wedding weekend in Baltimore, Maryland two weekends ago.  It wasn’t until we arrived and met up with family (and watched the news) that we fully understood the situation at hand.  The wedding was, in fact, planned for Saturday night, in a tent on the Chesapeake Bay- the same time Irene was predicted to hit Maryland.

The days before the wedding were full of family time, eating together, and talk of what-in-the-world-was-going-to-happen.

The (almost) twins:

We got things started Thursday night with dinner…


then I woke up Friday morning and read this:

But Friday was a great day as we strolled along the harbor…

…where Isaiah got some sweet new shades.

By Friday night’s rehearsal and dinner, the Saturday wedding was moving forward as planned with only a minor adjustment in timing- starting the ceremony at 3pm instead of 7.  The Italian dinner (at Danielle’s family’s restaurant) was absolutely incredible and everyone was feeling a good amount of anticipation…

We woke the day of the wedding to a light rain and lots of activity.  Nate’s suit went missing, Jon and Danielle’s honeymoon flight to Jamaica was canceled, the tent was moving too much in the wind and rain for the little ring-bearer (my nephew Isaiah) to join in on the ceremony, and despite shouting, Dave could barely be heard over the storm as he married the totally relaxed bride and groom.

But despite all this, the tent was beautiful and sturdy, and the food was delicious.  We laughed and danced for hours, amidst a few leaks and a power outage.  As we ran to Adam‘s car for the drive back to the hotel (he photographed the whole event), we were soaking wet and already reminiscing in memories of the day.

We truly had an amazing time.  So much so that I barely slept those few days in Baltimore.  Nate and I ended up having the community hotel room, with visitors in and out… sleeping on the pull-out couch and floor.  We’d stay up until the early morning hours talking life with whoever our guests were for that night.  I absolutely loved it.


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