Neville turn 29

I am frequently reminded of how rare a find Neville is as a person and as a friend.

He holds all the usual attributes one typically values in a good friend- loyal, compassionate, generous, sincere, etc. But he also embodies this unique depth of awareness- of me, others, culture, the world, God, etc. (this also makes him one of the most interesting people I’ve ever known).

He’s been such an important part of my twenties, pushing me to be better, to love better, to think more, and live more fully. I can say with certainty that I would not be sitting where I am at this moment had Neville not made the decision to invest in me as a friend. I am so very thankful.

Happy Birthday, Nev!  You. are. great.

We were dispersed across the country over July 14th (when Neville actually turned 29), so when we finally came back together, we celebrated!


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