It’s her birthday today…

It’s been hard to believe.  I still think of us as girls, growing up, learning how to be adults (Heather was always a little better at it then me).

Our lives are so intertwined, it’s difficult to think of childhood without immediately thinking of her. So much of my life has been watching her, learning from her, looking to her for just about everything, & growing with her. Some of my lowest points were met by her love-no-matter-what. Some of my highest points were shared in laughter and celebration.

Ten years ago when I was a freshman in college, and having one of those particularly low points, I had terrible insomnia. Heather was two floors up in the dorm so I’d make my way up to her room and whisper my woes. She’d throw back the covers of her bottom bunk and tell me to crawl in with her. There’s NO WAY she could have gotten a good night’s sleep sharing that twin with me. And there’s NO WAY I didn’t wake her roommates in the process (love you, Allie and Renee).

One year ago I had just been told by a doctor that my husband didn’t have much time to live because of an inoperable tumor. In a haze I stumbled outside of the hospital to a park bench with my phone and called Heather. Of all the people, I knew I needed to talk to her. I’m not sure I was speaking coherently, but I do know she cried with me. And through the phone she projected strength I needed to walk back inside and sit by Nate.

I can honestly declare from the roof of my Pasadena apartment building that I would not be this person that I am right here had Heather not been my older sister.

But enough talking about me. Heather is beautiful. Truly. And she loves well and lives well and serves well. She takes care of our family, and her (growing) family and she makes every one of us better. What a blessing it has been to share life with her. And what a blessing she will continue to be as we keep doing life together.

Happy birthday, Heath. I love you.


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