Easter weekend

It was a [very] quick weekend- not near enough time to fit in conversation, stories, laughs, etc that become necessary when living 2,540 miles apart.  I was, however, finally able to see my nephew growing along and look forward to meeting him in person soon!

We had a great time, despite the brevity, and managed to fit in…

a search for cute missionary attire:

catching up on life with my so-very-pregnant sister:

a french toast breakfast and a little light maternity reading:

pool-side studying (and not studying):

and more (to come)…


4 thoughts on “Easter weekend

  1. oh hols thanks for the updates. Let me say that sun looks mighty nice as it has rained literally all month here. Love the pics of heather.!! Looking forward to seeing you in July!
    love you both

  2. Heath you are too funny! I actually didn’t even notice until you said something… I thought you were wearing a red tank in one picture and then a red tankini maternity bathing suit/top. Your baby bump looks so cute! So jealous that you all were at the pool!!!

  3. Hey…….. is that my homemade bread I see being used for your french toast?? Glad to see that extra loaf in our freezer was FINALLY eaten :) Sure looks like you all had a great time! What fun & fabulous memories! Thanks for sharing them with us. Was trying to figure out who’s pool you’re lounging at……….?

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