Grandma May

Last week was the one year mark of her passing.  I did a lot of reflection and remembering that day, feeling the mix of emotions… love, thankfulness, sadness, disbelief (that it’s already been a year).  I think of her often, though, when I wear her earrings or open the freezer door– I saved a jar of her homemade jelly in there.  She was special.

Below are some of my favorite pics of her or images that represent a few memories and ways in which I remember her…

Grandma is so loved and missed.


One thought on “Grandma May

  1. Oh, Holly, you made cry all over again. It is hard to believe she’s been gone a year. I still find myself on occasion thinking I need to call her about something or make sure she knows family plans. It doesn’t happen as often, but every once in awhile. Loved all the pictures. She was always so proud of all of her grandkids. I know this tribute would make her smile! Love you!

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