warning: this will seem unusual.

A few days ago I introduced Allison to the world of fashion bloggers.  They’re everywhere and they sure know their stuff.  Between Jessica Quirk, Sydney’s Daybook, Kendi, and Kelsey, you pretty much have inspiration covered.  We were enjoying the spider webbing between blogs when we decided that it was absolutely necessary we fashion photo shoot the week.

I feel it incumbent for me to tell you that this is not serious (in case that wasn’t already clear).  And that yes, I make it uncomfortable for everyone involved when veering from the standard smile.  But seriously, readers, Allison…made. Tyra. proud.

Behold, Toe-Tap Tuesday.

Trendy Wednesday.

Thoughtful Thursday.

Fancy Friday.


My little buddies were waddling me down.


5 thoughts on “warning: this will seem unusual.

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  2. You two are great! Ha. I think I need to try that second-to-last pose of yours!

    Can we please share closets?? I want your entire Thursday outfit please :)

  3. wow … i think i about died looking at these … hilarious. when al told me you did this i could only imagine was the images turned out to be! you guys pretty much dominated this concept and i love it!

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