Yesterday was Nate’s birthday and it was so full of flourish, I never had the chance to post about it.  Gosh, it really is hard to even begin to highlight him in a post, though.  I’ve known him over fourteen years and have shared in so many of his birthdays… the first one a few days after we started ‘going out’ in middle school.  He was in seventh grade and the gift-giving was fairly awkward.

Last year we celebrated his 27th birthday in the Oatman suite on a cruise ship.  It was a great memory and the start of a crazy new season/transition.

This year…well, he woke up convinced he was turning 30, and relaxed a little after realizing he’d gotten ahead of himself.  Two more years, babe.

I’d like to say that I know Nate really well, and I do.  Better than anyone, I think.  And yet he manages to remain a mystery to me.  He’s constantly adapting and expanding, still surprising me.  I’ve never known anyone else like him and I like to think of it as him keeping me on my toes.  It definitely leaves me frequently wondering what’s next in our future, because it seems like anything is always possible (this is both absolutely maddening & absolutely exciting).

Happy Birthday, Babe.  14 more, perhaps?

I love you!


3 thoughts on “Nate.

  1. Hi Holly,
    Love your posts. You and Allison have a way to make everything sound wonderful.. Please wish your husband a very happy birthday and hope you like the picture of my niece. Keep up the great posts…

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