DAYS 6 & 7

I know.  I haven’t done the best job updating every day of this challenge.

In my defense, I have two research papers due Friday that are keeping me a bit distracted (along with six unexpected hours at the dentist yesterday).  Ah!  But I will say that we are 7 days & going strong (kind of).  It’s gotten a little easier to find ways of feeling full.  I tell ya, starch is amazing.  And we even managed to grab dinner out Monday night.  We have a  Pei Wei close by & ordered vegetable Pad Thai, cooked in broth, without the egg… I felt a little embarrassed asking for the specifications, but they accommodated, no problem.

One of our recent side-dishes…

(I made a smaller version… it had great flavor)

Yesterday’s dinner was a little something random, whipped together… I sauteed red & green peppers & onions (in veg broth), then added a bag of hashbrowns.  It wasn’t terrible.

Otherwise, we’ve been eating bean burritos, burrito bowls, whole wheat pasta with garlic & broccoli, and left-overs…

In other news… another Mayfly giveaway has been posted, courtesy of the cute little blog, exPress-o!  Enter for a chance to win $30 to my shop!


One thought on “DAYS 6 & 7

  1. yay! love your updates!

    so i tried a couple frozen entrees from whole foods… the brand is “plant pure” and they have all vegan entrees and a few of them are under 20% fat. I had sweet potato gnocchi (delicious, has some indian flavors) and tuscan pesto pasta (yum). They are $5 each, so a little more than your homemade meal… but time is money! And these are ready in a few minutes and def. filled me up till the next meal.

    Also… i made that mac and cheeze recipe yesterday and added some chopped, steamed collard greens in with the macaroni, and then put some sliced tomatoes on the top with the breadcrumbs. Delicious.

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