DAY TWO (lunch)

Breakfast will most likely look the same every day- old fashion oats & soy milk.  See HERE.

Lunch.  Yesterday’s lunch, though tasty, didn’t quite cut it and made for a better snack.  We were hoping to do a little better today.

This recipe was much more filling (more carbs!) and I suspect will sustain us for longer than two hours!  It was also fairly quick and easy, primarily involving chopping veggies.

Couple of notes:

  • We used green pepper instead of red (I read the recipe wrong).
  • Eliminated mushrooms (not a huge fan).
  • Nate is meticulous in cutting vegetables (I never knew this).
  • I’d give it a 7 out of 10 (but this is very subjective).

Heaping portion of organic rice + a 2nd helping + 2 no fat tortillas = $1.25 (roughly)

Nate wasn’t feeling the greatest after eating.  He’s laying down now and after peaking in to  check on him, he declared, “I think I need a hot dog to feel better.”

PS:  last night, 9pm: I got a little hungry & powered down Snyders sourdough pretzels.


4 thoughts on “DAY TWO (lunch)

  1. Those wraps look good. Yumm. Next time you make those tell me. I’ll be over and bring whatever cash I have to pay for what that meal would cost me. I don’t mind. Feel free to charge at the door.

    Ooooh! On second thought. I could bring toothpaste instead of cash. You like???!!;)

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