the following is documentation…

of my trip to the grocery for vegan items.  Sprouts, to be exact.

I finished the shopping in record time, sticking to my list and neglecting my usual grocery store wanderings.  I got a little hung up in the produce, however, when I was unable to determine which of the greenery was a leek.  I think I got it right, and disbelieving-ly put what appeared to be a plant (pictured below) in my cart with intentions of eating it. What?!

Day one of vegan challenge starts now.

follow up: I was wrong.  The plant wasn’t a leak, it was fennel!


5 thoughts on “the following is documentation…

  1. I think I might just do reduced calorie diet for the next 12 days. That seems to be the only diet I can live with and is the one that proves to be most long-term effected. But I’m rooting for you both! I’ll be very happy if you start gaining tons of weight on this new vegan diet. Is that wrong of me to wish? Sorry. lol ;)

  2. I have had the Walden Farms dressings Holly! My favorites are the bacon ranch and italian. They really do taste like the real thing to me. Haven’t tried the mayo. May be weird. Let me know!

  3. I just bought my first leeks the other day too…they are like giant green onions, crazy.

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