I love food.

You know- looking at it, smelling it, cooking it, tasting it, talking about it, talking some more.

Much to my chagrin, Nate has never shared in this love. His take on food has always been one of necessity- he eats to live and that’s where it ends. He’s that guy (did we know they existed?!). I’ve never understood why he doesn’t enjoy talking about how good something tastes for the first twenty minutes of eating it.

And yet here we are, partaking in a food challenge together.

There are many reasons we are about to take this on for 12 days- the most pressing a need to make our stomach’s happier (I’m prone to stomach aches and Nate just had some intestines taken out last summer).  But there are also reasons of curiosity, general health and longevity, food ethics, a class project, finances, and so on.

All this to say… beginning March 2… (because March 1st we’ll be celebrating the completion of Neville’s script and who knows what deliciously unhealthy foods will be consumed at dinner)… we are going to engage the very intriguing, 12 day Dr. McDougall plant-based “program” (check it out HERE) the best we possibly can. I’ll get into more details as we go.

I’ve dabbled with this dietary lifestyle several times, and always end up feeling defensive when people ask about it. Maybe now we can formulate some solid responses to the people who think we’re crazy!

Documentation of 12 days of veganism to come…


6 thoughts on “I love food.

  1. Love this idea! I am totally convinced that a vegan lifestyle is the best one for overall health. Well, I shouldn’t say I am “totally” convinced, since my diet currently looks absolutely nothing like a vegan. But, nevertheless, super excited for you guys and maybe ever so slightly more motivated for myself. Maybe.

  2. I had cheez-its for breakfast and dinner yesterday. so yeah. I’ve decided I’m taking this challenge with you guys.

  3. On second thought, maybe I’ll do this too. Hmmm. May need to stop by the grocery store though and pick up a few things tomorrow. If I don’t do it, I’m excited to hear what you two think about it. :)

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