Mr. and Mrs. May

It was really wonderful having mom and dad come and stay for a few days.  Even if it was a little tight in our 500 square foot apartment- we made it work.  At one point dad did comment, “It’s like we’re camping!”  Oh dear… But they were great about it.

I thrive in face-to-face time, so I anticipated being together, and the opportunities to talk about life, love and hundreds of other mysteries (which is exactly what we did).

They’ve been looking for some furniture pieces and since we have an IKEA so close…well, a few hours in this gigantic store was necessary for mom to work her organizational magic.  She did a great job (so did Nate, although I don’t have it documented).

Dad and I…not so much.

We sort of goofed around (and made ourselves at home in IKEA’s family rooms).

IKEA can suck the life right out of you.  If it weren’t for the ice cream cones at the exit…

I love you guys!  And miss you already.


2 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. May

  1. Miss you already, too! What a wonderful time we had! Now we have a clear picture of what occupies most your days……… adorable & efficiently decorated apartment, picturesque Fuller campus, quaint coffeeshops, strolls through little parks, trips to Target, wheatgrass shots at Jamba Juice, savoring bites of 21 Flavors, great Thai food, window shopping at stores galore, Netflix during down times, dreaming of IKEA purchases :), endless walks in charming Pasadena……… WOW!, I can see why you love it there! Thanks for sharing a bit of your lives with us these past few days. Love you lots, mom

  2. The last picture of your Dad and you texting. That’s funny. Can you imagine life pre-cell phones? Pre-texting? I guess there was TV and that served as a constant distraction. Some days I wish we could go back to horse and buggy days (just not with the same attitudes/beliefs they had about things then). lol

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