the best part of waking up… is foldgers in your cup?

So I’m not the most consistent person and I most definitely fail to live on much of a routine.  Most of the time I don’t even notice it.  That is, unless I’m hanging around Superpeople who are really successful at organized living.  Then I start to worry I’m annoying them.  But this is really beside the point.

There is one routine that I love enough to be consistent in.  That I truly truly savor.  And when the day rolls on without it, I deeply feel its absence.  Like all is not right in the world (but really just with my morning).


Wonderful, delicious, routine morning breakfast.

My consistent system involves this:

Plus this:

I am open to switching it up, however (as long as it involves coffee…).  But there’s nothing like waking up with something to look forward to- especially when I get to look forward to it with other people.  Leo Cafe anyone?


8 thoughts on “the best part of waking up… is foldgers in your cup?

  1. Yes, please. This looks absolutely wonderful. I feel like you live in a small Paris villa or something by the looks of these pics. It’s nice to know this is all happening on North Oakland, in Pasadena, just south of the 210 freeway. :)

  2. hum……..breakfast :) I, too, love it! Whether it is a bowl of yogurt topped with Peg Forrest’s wonderful Kenya granola, bananas & blueberries; a bowl of regular oatmeal with plump raisins; homemade blueberry buttermilk pancakes; an omelet filled with yummy veggies & cheese; a toasted piece of my homemade sour dough bread with butter; a famous May’s Egg McMuffin; or a piece of Egg casserole or delicious Christmas quiche …….. It warms my heart that after all those years of preparing good, nutritional breakfasts for you girls, you’re still carrying on that tradition :) Love you, mom

  3. OK……… I may have expanded alittle with MY list of favorite breakfasts but I distinctly remember sending you girls off to school with nourishing food in your bellies :) Guess it was more like………. oatmeal with brown sugar & raisins, cocoa wheats, cream of wheat, oat bran, Eggo Waffles, Raisin Bran cereal, bisquick pancakes, Egg McMuffins, scrambled eggs & toast, french toast & yes, egg casserole or quiche on Valentine’s morning……… Now, does this sound more like home?

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