Year in review…

Below is an attempt to reflect on the events of 2010. I apologize up front for the overwhelming collection of images that may or may not be difficult to absorb at a glance.

I remember saying to Allison when the year of Hillary’s cancer and remission came to a close that “so much happens in a year – it’s always surprising.”

This year was no exception.

We jumped around a lot this year. More than the usual for us. We saw the Mexican Riviera on a cruise with some good friends, took a jet to Indianapolis for what turned into a two month stay, visited Adam and New York twice, stayed with Hillary in DC, drove across the country (Indiana to Arizona) for one final trip in my silver Honda, celebrated Hillary’s 21st birthday in Vegas, moved back to Pasadena, visited Heather and Peter in NC – and were told we were going to be an aunt and uncle (!), celebrated Thanksgiving with the Hoekstra’s and Weber’s in Visalia, CA, and ended the year exploring parts of western Europe. It was full and it was good.

My Grandma May passed away unexpectedly in the spring of 2010. This was a particularly difficult part of the year and I struggled to let her go. I regretted not getting more time with her over the last few years, and I miss her dearly.

I know I brought this up in our anniversary post but the whole time in the hospital with Nate was of course a significant part of 2010. We were reminded again of its ongoing significance in Europe – he is definitely still in recovery. He pushed himself during our 18 day trip and is currently passed out next to me, regrouping.

But truly, I’ve never felt so loved and cared for than during those darker weeks. In an odd way, I liked the focus and clarity of the crisis. Details and the peripheral fell away. None of the usual things that preoccupy and distract mattered. And this was not only the case for the group of us at the hospital, but many others of you joined with me over one common goal – Nate getting better. It was humbling and remarkable.

I still find the whole thing confusing and the first week in the hospital nearly unbearable to think on for more than a minute or two. But life (not quite as usual) has gone on and we’re attempting to be more intentional in the way we’re living it.

It was a good year – hurt so good, as I like to say. Now bring on 2011 and all that it holds, because so much really does happen in a year…


4 thoughts on “Year in review…

  1. i liked this. and may i say, Nate’s been looking very healthy lately to me.

    here’s to 11 pounds in 2011.

  2. Thanks for a glimpse at your year! Great way to wrap it up and… I love the “hurt so good” phrase. It seems to encapsulate a lot of the bittersweet life we so often live. God bless you guys in 2011~

  3. “In an odd way, I liked the focus and clarity of the crisis. Details and the peripheral fell away.” Abs gorg. As in absolutely gorgeous.

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