Mona (Lisa)

Four days in Paris coming to a close…

Tomorrow night we leave on a train for Barcelona-which almost turned into a drive to Barcelona when they ran out of seats on every rail out of Paris.  But Francois at the station worked some magic and we booked an overnight (getting in a day late), the two of us in different train cars.  No worries, it’s all part of this adventure.

While in Paris, we spent time here:

(The Louvre)

And took in this:

And all these people:

Looking at this:

We took a break:

Then braved the outdoors:

To get to this:

And ended the night here:

for Notre Dame’s Christmas Eve service.

My mind was racing as I tried to fall asleep that night- so much to take in in one day!


One thought on “Mona (Lisa)

  1. I seriously love the way you just posted this. The mid sentence flow was particularly good. And like always, I miss you, and I would ask you to come home … only to realize that when you DO come home, it will be on the other side of the country.

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