Christmas and Paris

I hope it was a wonderful Christmas for you today!  As one of my favorite days of the year, and one of my favorite excuses to tangibly express my deep love for friends and family, the distance today felt immense.  But as it so often does, iChat saved the day and transported me to the kitchen of my in-laws and the family room of my sister’s townhouse.  Amazing how connected we can be from afar.

I consider you a close friend, Technology.

It felt funny waking up today.  I wasn’t sure how to handle the complete lack of tradition. We sat in bed for a bit, and every now and then I looked over at Nate as he was reading, not really sure why I was looking.  Just feeling funny.

But we couldn’t sit there forever.  We needed to form a memory of this unique Christmas, so we started the memory with a cappuccino, croissant, a walk along here:

and a visit here:

I’ll share more on that later…

It was different and funny, and it nearly ended in disaster as every one of our Eiffel Tower photos turned up missing on the camera.  But our resident Geek Squad (Jason Mong) transformed an empty memory card to 12 usable photos of Christmas 2010!  Phew, that was a close one.

Before I share those salvaged photos, here are a few from our trip to Paris…

When we eventually arrived at the apartment, there was this wonderful looking Patisserie across the street where we visited for breakfast the next day, of course!

Nate, inspired: 

More photos coming soon.

And again, Merry Christmas to you!


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