This post will of course include far too many tourist attraction photos, but what can I say – we’re excited!  It’s been a fun few days.

Nate and I start the day with a basic idea of where we’re headed, then take our time working our way there. I’m really a natural tour guide. Ha! Visits around the city have included…

St. Paul’s Cathedral – we climbed hundreds and hundreds of stairs to the tippy-top of the dome. This involved narrow stone spiral staircases that went on for days and made us dizzy, and ended in metal spiral staircases that made my palms sweat. But sweet success! We were rewarded with a gorgeous view of gray and rainy London.

The Tate Modern

Museum of Natural History, Tate Britain

Portobello Market (Notting Hill), The National Gallery, Piccadilly shops and Covent Garden Market. We finish the days exhausted but lie in bed wide awake for hours! This has led to much late-night movie watching which has been great fun too.

London has been receiving some adverse weather at the moment (as they keep reminding us!). Lots of snow this morning, but I can’t complain. It’s beautiful! And we’ve been keeping warm alright (lots of ducking into shops and museums).


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