Fall List

Autumn Leaves 4(In no particular order)

Bon Iver  •  In & Out  •  Hillsong United  •  Paradise Bakery coffee

Redbox  •  flannel sheets  •  apple cider  •  Myers-Briggs

beer bread  •  Rockband  •  Einstein Bagels  •  Costco  •  Dan Allender

curtains  •  Glee  •  Miley Cyrus  •  Pages  •  earrings  •  mint tea  •  ceiling fans

News talk radio  •  being in transition  •  gummy bear vitamins  •  cardigans

naps (sadly)  •  Who Wants to Be a Millionaire  •  alone time  •  Dunkin Donuts


Always in season:

Harry Potter  •  laughing  •  family  •  story-telling  •  Looseluggage.com •  popcorn

roadtrips  •  Trader Joe’s  •  hugs & heart to hearts  •  Nate  •  coffee, always coffee.

Here’s to fall!


3 thoughts on “Fall List

  1. And…..you forgot to add “candy corn & peanuts”, the traditional May kitchen candy ….. sadly, the little pumpkin has been empty this fall for I haven’t gotten around to filling it yet. :(

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