My third love of Pasadena

After a LONG October day of pack-up in Phoenix and un-pack in Pasadena, Neville treated us to dinner at my now-favorite Thai restaurant (City Thai), followed by dessert at Pinkberry.  Pinkberry.  First of all, you must know that it seems people in LA are WILD about frozen yogurt.  Colorado Blvd. in downtown Pasadena is dotted with yogurt shop after yogurt shop, and they’ll most likely be filled with people as you walk by, even in the rain.  Pinkberry, however, stands alone in true frozen yogurt excellence.

Walking into a Pinkberry is an experience.  Every time.  The white hanging lamps, pebbled floors, pastel colors, and odd trinkets on display leave you confused (at least it did me).  It’s oddness locks it into memory longer than a 21 Flavors or Baskin Robbins.  The overall feeling, though, is pleasantly of “lightness”.  But it’s the product, however, that seals the deal.

The concept is simple: distinct flavor, distinct freshness.  I LIKE this!  dscf02431

A distinctive tangy flavor.  No, this does not taste like your average frozen yogurt.  This stuff is made from a top secret recipe consisting of nonfat milk and REAL nonfat yogurt (certified by the National Yogurt Association to carry live & active cultures).

Distinct freshness.  The toppings include a delicious variety of freshly cut fruits, cereals, nuts, and granola (with sweet options of cookies, chocolate chips and mochi).  I simply cannot resist these combinations- plus the added bonus of fat-free, 100 calories/ half cup.  What?!  A healthy dessert?!  Believe it.

I would insist that you try it for yourself, but locations are unfortunately limited to California and New York.  Plan a visit to see us (or Adam) and we’ll take you straight away.


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