What is it about chips and salsa?

chips_and_salsa380“Nature’s candy” as Allison and I now refer to it, after hearing it stated as such by our friend, Kevin Welty.  Nature’s candy.  I couldn’t agree more. Delicious, healthy ingredients combined to perfection (in most cases).  Add the crispy saltiness of chips and you now have a combination of ingredients that are too powerful to resist in large portions.  Inevitably, after rationing out a bowl, the bowl is refilled several times.  Who can help it?

And, of course, you can’t deny the thrill when nature’s candy is delivered right to your table at a Mexican restaurant (or Chili’s).  Seriously, isn’t that the driving force behind choosing a Mexican restaurant in the first place?  FREE, all-you-can-eat chips and salsa, while you wait!  Oh my.

So here are my recommendations…

If you are enjoying at home and have access to a Fresh and Easy, try their thick and chunky, medium.  Wow.  If you know my Aunt Kim, you can guarantee some of the best fresh salsa you’ve ever had.  Ever.  Finally, Muir Glen raises the bar with muirglen-salsatheir line of organic salsas (they also make the best ketchup, hands down).

Going out?  I could commit an entire blog entry unto itself for La Charreada (and probably will).  A small chain of authentic Mexican restaurants in Indiana, La Charreada turns out top-notch chips and salsa.  If you find yourself in this part of the country, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity.  Chili’s, as mentioned above, does carry excellent salsa (with a kick) as well.

Go out (or stay in) and enjoy some today!


7 thoughts on “What is it about chips and salsa?

  1. i love that you blogged about this topic … chips and salsa are truly my weakness. nothing greater. maybe at our 5th year reunion we should swing by la charreada and stuff our faces.

  2. Holly,

    If you have not tried Fort Wayne’s Carlos O’ Kelly’s salsa, while you wait for your food, then make a stop there next time you’re home. There is nothing better. Nothing. The freshness is unbeatable. Challenge that to your favorites.

  3. hum…. nature’s candy…..very addicting, almost as bad as peanut M & M’s! Hey, have you ever thought about writing a weekly review column in a newspaper or magazine? No, seriously…your little tidbits of information are the best! Very fun reading…. makes you want to keep checking for more! Thanks for bringing :) to my day with your creative thoughts.

  4. Love Chips and Salsa, had some a few hours ago actually! Definitely one of natures best candies! I agree with the need for your tidbits in a newspaper of magazine. Get on that right away and send me a free subscription! Hope life is grand!

  5. And if you find yourself in Kathmandu, the Lazy Gringo has some great Mexican food. Ironic, I know. But the chips ‘n salsa aren’t free. But that’s Kathmandu!

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