The Academy

There were so many things to dislike about Pasadena when we first moved in.  You would think, “California, what a cool place to be!”  But no.  The drivers, pedestrians, traffic, lack of parking, cost of living, consumerism, and the ridiculously high curbs (a foot tall, what?! WHY is that necessary?).  I loved Phoenix so much and was fighting the adjustment.  But the longer we stayed, the more things in town started to grow on me.

In my next few posts, I’m going to touch on some of these things.  Today’s will center around one of the first places I came to love in Pasadena.

We were introduced to The Academy by our friend, Neville, during our first week here.  The movie of choice was Frozen River, and both the theater and the movie were excellent.  The theater was excellent because matinee admission was $2.  Yes.  In a world of $12 theater tickets, The Academy offers a bargain (they also offer $1 hotdogs).  Sure, the movies have been out for a while, and Nate often has to leave a screening to suggest the film reel be changed.  But you just can’t beat a $2 movie experience.  Our Academy experiences include Ghost Town, Wall-E, Burn After Reading, and The Dark Knight.


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