Hotel hook-ups

As I reflect back on the last few years, I think about all the great memories I have involving amazing, luxury hotels. The most amazing part of these hotels is that I’ve either stayed free, or the fee has been minimal. This adds to the special-ness of the memory.

I’ll touch on a few now.  In 2005, Heather, Allison, and I spent a lovely weekend in Tucson at the Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa.  This weekend was part of a church retreat and we received an excellent group rate. Splitting the cost between the 3 of us, we enjoyed a remarkably cheap weekend at one of the most spectacular hotels I’ve ever laid eyes on.


In 2006, Peter Von Tobel (my now brother in law) generously applied his Hilton points toward an Easter weekend of fun and relaxation for himself, Heather, Allison, and I and the Torrey Pines Hotel, La Jolla. Torrey Pines is the location of the annual PGA U.S. Open, so of course the hotel grounds were beautiful, edging right up to the ocean, with cliffs overlooking the water. It was an eventful weekend, involving Easter baskets, trips to the beach, dinner at Las Olas, and Heather and Peter’s first kiss……………

radissonsedona2In 2007, Nate decided to put in for a request to attend an art conference in Sedona, AZ. Request granted and we whisked off for an all-expenses paid weekend at the Radisson Poco Diablo Resort in the mountains, including gas and food. What?! Pendergast School District HOOKING US UP?! Sweet. It was gorgeous and peaceful and we had a sleep number bed and fireplace.

I’ll end with my current location: The Hilton, Pasadena. Our Taylor friends, Ben and Laura, came out for a visit and the four of us were hooked up (is this happening a lot lately?). Out of the goodness of his heart, another Taylor friend got us a weekend here, just down the street from our apartment. We are residing on the 14th floor (top) and overlooking the city of Pasadena and beyond.

I am extremely grateful to have had these memories at such little monetary cost. It makes everything that much more enjoyable (the way Nate feels about “Hot and Ready’s” at Little Caesars).


8 thoughts on “Hotel hook-ups

  1. God is so good, isn’t He? He is so faithful in giving us little blessings at just the right times in our lives. What a great memory to add to your repertoire… bask in His glory! What fun!! So happy you had a wonderful time.

  2. I just got back from Chicago with my floor. We paid around 20 bucks for transportation and to stay at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago. The lobby was ancient and gloriously decorated. I loved the vibe of it. Everywhere I looked there were men and women wearing tuxes and dresses. There I was with my friends wearing a hoody and jeans feeling undress. It was wicked awesome.

  3. Hol,

    What about the hotel in San Diego when you were younger and we made you sleep in the bathtub because you were keeping us all up at night with your snoring? Probably isn’t going to make your list. What about all those stamp run hotels or our free stay in the mobile home in Page, AZ?

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