Go Lakers

I was scheduled to work last night at Starbucks.  ALL night.  Usually this would be just fine, accept last night, we were hooked up.  A friend reserved 2 (free) Laker tickets for us and I wanted to go.  I immediately went to work trying to find someone to cover my shift.  5 hours and several phone calls later, an awesome coworker took my shift and I started getting ready for the big game.

We arrived at the Staples Center, parked, and made our way to the box office to pick up our tickets.  Yes, I felt important.  This kind of stuff never happens to me.  Well, I guess it doesn’t to most people, though there are those lucky few who’s good fortune never seems to run out (Adam).  An usher directed us one section over, and told us to walk all the way down.  Nate and I turned and looked at each other.  Did he just say ALL THE WAY DOWN?  Yes, it’s true, we walked all the way down to the folding chairs behind the basket.  5 rows from the court, we were IN the action.  It took a good 45 minutes for me to recover from my shock and pay attention to the game.  I was distracted by Jack Nicholson, 30 feet away in his usual sunglasses, and other big names like Seal and Heidi Klum (directly across the court), Rick Fox, and Sam Perkins.  I wondered about the people sitting around us.  Who were they?  Why did they have these seats?  I took lots of pictures, made a phone call, saw myself on the jumbo-tron waving like an idiot, then eventually settled in.

It was a close game.  The Pacers really held their own.  It came down to the wire, with Kobe Bryant making a tiebreaking jumper with 3 seconds left (right in front of us).  The Pacers took a time out, but were unable to get a shot off before the buzzer, thus Lakers won 121-119.  Staples was electric, confetti came pouring down from the ceiling and I just enjoyed the moment (until the usher-natzi in our section forced us to leave the stadium).

It was a good night.


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