there’s been a lot of this lately:

I fully acknowledge that copious amounts of baking is nearly always stress related. It’s remedial in nature, and it’s somehow assisting in this final 7 week stretch of what has been 4 years of graduate school. The finish line is so close I can taste it. ;)

New post up (from me!) on The Daily May blog regarding my love of food and gradual transition to plant-based eating…

toddler hair and smelling flowers

Toddler hair is really something I tell you. ^^

This is roughly how Lucille goes about smelling flowers. There’s usually a lean in, a crinkle of the face, and a puff of air out the nose. It’s relatively ineffective but also adorable. :)

I’ve been progressively running out of steam each day that’s gone by since Monday, and as such, am very happy to say it’s Friday. I hope your weekend includes a nap, a leisure breakfast, a good movie, and some shoulder time with someone you love.

auntie allison

Another day, another brunch at The Market. ;)

Lucille lights up when Allison comes around. I sometimes wonder if her attachment to Al is related to Al being there in those early months when everything was so new. Allison would sometimes be the first person she saw in the morning, and when Nate would leave for work and I would head to class, Allison was the one making sure she was cozy and happy and well fed. Then she got older and more aware, and Allison became the fun, silly auntie who could make her feel equally silly and giggly. Whatever the reason, it’s so fun to see these two interact. :)

on playground pensiveness

Lucille loves the playground – she really does. But for whatever reason, sitting in the driver’s seat the other day put her in this unusually pensive mood. I’m assuming she was carefully considering the difficulties of teething or inconsequentialness of napping according to a schedule – since she knows her mom has also been committing a lot of thought to these things lately. ;)

Lucille’s first selfie

I am beginning to detest this word, but when I first showed Nate the photo, it’s what he called it and it made me laugh – so there ya go. It’s a selfie and hopefully her one and only for a very long time. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend! And if you haven’t already, you can read more about my family over on The Daily May blog! (older sister, myself, younger sister, mom and dad)