island life (part two)

It was “low”/rainy season while we were on St. Kitts but during my weeks of research I’d found some publications reporting that for various reasons related to geography, it was seldom in the direct line of hurricanes. We were willing to chance some rain, especially since accommodation rates were amazing. It did rain but it never lasted long- storm clouds would roll out as fast as they came and several times left behind a rainbow display- we loved it. :)

Low season also meant that our already secluded beach was empty, save for a few local kite surfers. I can’t tell you how many times we called it “our beach” and “our pier.” ;) I mean, really. It was…

So we jumped waves and snorkeled and explored nearly the whole island – even ate at a local spot using IOU’s (we discovered it when walking the beach and none of us had our wallets). But arguably my most favorite part (besides sleeping in) was the people we met – locals who were passionate about their home and full of great recommendations for where to go, what to see, eat, experience- off the beaten path. I left feeling really connected to the place, and with an even greater appreciation for its beauty. I have to say, an all-inclusive is incredible, but renting a house afforded us the opportunity to connect to the culture and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. :)




island life

In celebration of graduating, of turning 31, of 8 years of marriage, of being alive :) — Nate and I planned a trip to St. Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies with a few friends. I love researching travel, and after seeing St. Kitts on several top 10 lists it seemed like the right place to unwind and make some memories.

It was exactly that.


Apparently this is what I look like after 9 glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep.  ;) ^^



I know the idea of a vacation is foreign to much of the world and I don’t take for granted the fact that we were able to slip away to such a beautiful place for 7 days. Every morning I woke up and walked out onto our veranda and, among other things, felt disbelief, amazement, and a deep sense of wanting to forever store away the moment. It really was something.


working and resting


The hours of Nate’s job changed quite a bit while Lucille and I were back in Indiana. I wouldn’t say working through the night is his most favorite thing (or mine) but he certainly makes the most of it and has been sorting out how to get sleep and hang with Luce and me some during the mornings or afternoons. I was under the weather last week, though (which complicated things) so when Sunday rolled around and he was feeling rested and I had stopped coughing, he woke me up with a, “hey, let’s go to the beach for a few hours.”

Of course let’s do that!

Lucille needed a little more practice with the ocean anyway. :)

Lucille, the fair, and the great outdoors


We camp during fair week and it was like her world exploded with outdoor possibility. Between the open spaces, the family dogs and 4-H animals, her cousins, extended family members, and a golf cart, she was bursting to get out of the camper and start each day. So much so, and this is where her and I differ on something very fundamental, she was much too busy to care about meal times. :)


Lucille, the fair, and her cousins


So fair week for Lucille meant: camping, cousins, and other (outdoor) adventures.

First, cousins:

Untitled 2


I think it’s safe to say these two are buddies ^^. Or Lucille thinks so anyway. ;) She was quite fascinated by her rough and tumble cousin who was actually quite gentle with her and who she could hug and kiss at eye-level. He taught her a lot about courage, outdoor expeditions, and how to eat using kitchen utensils (although she doesn’t quite eat with his reckless abandon and I can’t say I mind- sorry Heath!). :) I loved watching her run and play with Finn and Henry, and am already looking forward to the next time they get to hang out…


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The Mays

I recently returned from two very fun and very full weeks in the great state of Indiana. It was the 38th annual (and final) week of my family’s county fair business – selling elephant ears(!). You may remember THIS 2011 post about the tradition if you’ve been around a while. ;)

I have so many great photos to post from these last weeks, but first,

my family – who together make the fair magic happen and who will likely be mortified at my posting this. :)


What can I really say about these fine individuals that make up the May family? Other than that they’re quite possibly one of the greatest, most unique, patient, loving, and fun groups of people there ever was. :)

It was a (very) good week at the Jay County fair and I did some reflecting and picture-posting over at The Daily May HERE and HERE if you’re curious about this strange family tradition involving cinnamon roll dough and carnival rides (among other things). ;)